Cascade Embroidery Project Finished

I have successfully completed Cascade. This was my attempt to turn an Evelyn Redgrave design into an embroidery piece. I have even managed to put the finished canvas into a frame. Here it is.
I found it very difficult to reproduce the lovely flowing curves of the original, and don’t feel I quite succeeded. Must experiment a bit more on stitching curves. But overall I am pleased with the finished work. The Appleton wool was fine to work with. It was the same wool I used for the Great Tapestry of Scotland, though there it was the two ply version. Here I was using four ply. When I didn’t have four ply, I just doubled up the two ply. The colours for the two curves were black and two shades of iron grey for one band and three shades of green for the other band. The darkest of the greens is a dark leaf green, while the other two are light shades of early English green. The voids are filled with white, while for the background I used the lightest shade of iron grey. Though it does not look like grey to me. Anyway giving names to colours is a bit of a lottery. I do like early English green though. This has a lovely ring to it and brings to mind images of Sherwood forest.

I have tried to find out something about Evelyn Redgrave, but have had little success. Just about all I have discovered is that she worked for Heals Fabrics in the early 1970s and became a director of the firm. They produced textile furnishings. Cascade was one of her designs for Heals. Even a google search produced little else of interest. So if anyone knows more about Evelyn Redgrave, I would love to hear from you.

The piece was measured and stitched to fit into an IKEA frame I bought in Switzerland. And lo and behold it fitted the frame perfectly. No stretching required! Using a stiff 11count white interlock canvas clearly helped. As did the use of vertical, Bargello type stitches. Less distortion on the way. I just need to find somewhere to put the darn thing. At the moment it just sits on the floor in front of my bookshelf, along with various other stitching pieces. Next up I am hoping to stitch the front for a cushion, which will definitely break new ground for me. Happy stitching one and all.


2 thoughts on “Cascade Embroidery Project Finished

    • Thanks for your comment. I love curves, but they are hard to stitch on Aida type fabric. After my current project I hope to try something on a cotton/linen mix. Curves maybe easier on this fabric.

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