Issey Miyake Embroidery Finished

My latest stitching project is now completed. The final two sections have been stitched and I have even managed to stick the fabric onto a white background. Here it is with a bit of a gladiolus appearing from nowhere.
This was the most difficult part of the project. As per usual I could not get the fabric to square up. Not that I tried very hard. Mainly because I am not at all sure of what to do. Anyway I applied the fabric to a white foam sheet. It does look very lopsided, but what the heck. A bit of quirkiness is good. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The third and fourth sections were stitched in Milanese and Cashmere patterns. Here are a couple of close-ups of these sections, with the Milanese first.

I enjoyed this project and intend to repeat it in slightly different ways and with different colours. Using wool threads appeals to me as one option. In the meantime I am trying to sketch out another design altogether. More later.


3 thoughts on “Issey Miyake Embroidery Finished

  1. Well I think the stitching has worked very well indeed – I love those textures and keeping the mono tone adds something to it. As for framing, I keep coming back to this, and nothing I’ve tried feels right – yet. I’ve tried frames and I’ve tried mounting onto canvas – so far I just don’t end up with anything I’m happy with – it is quite literally something that keeps me awake at night. Do you think there are any specialist framers who might be able to help – without costing the earth? Do tell if you find anyone.

    • I use a very good framer here in Dundee. She is very helpful and reasonably priced. I try to avoid framers as they do cost money and as I don’t sell anything, I have to pick and choose what to get professionally framed. However even with a good framer, she can only frame what I give her. And the problem lies with the contorted fabric. I need a cheap machine that can easily stretch the stitched fabric. Will keep my eyes open.

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