Back to Stitching!

After a rather long break I am back at work, with needle in hand. We had a lovely two and a half weeks away in Switzerland and when we returned it was to redecorate the living room. Which turned the house into a bit of a mess. No room for stitching. All has turned out well, the new decor looks lovely and the room is brighter and lighter.

All this gave me lots of time to contemplate new ideas for stitching. And one of them led to my current project, which is just over the half way stage. Here it is so far.
I got the inspiration for this piece from a visit to an exhibition on Fashion and Textile Art from Japan – The Empire of Folds. This is currently on display at the Museum Bellerive in Zürich. The exhibition shows some of the work of three of the most influential Japanese designers – Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto and Rei Kawakubo fo Comme des Garçons. Some beautiful costumes, drawings and paintings on display. I was quite taken by the emphasis on black and white in much of the work. The exhibition featured a number of video shorts illustrating various aspects of the design process. In one of them I came across a simple design pattern on what looked like a poster for Issey Miyake. Anyway I thought it would make a good pattern for a stitching project.

The overall design is made of up four small panels. Each panel is itself divided into smaller sections in the sequence, 2, 4, 3, 6. So far I have stitched the first two panels and have just started on the third, the one with three sections. To keep up the Japanese theme I decided to stitch the piece in black and white. The fabric is a black 18ct Aida, but when it came to the thread, I felt that cream was better than pure white. So I am using two strands of DMC cotton in cream. To add a bit of variety to the piece, each panel will be stitched with a different stitch pattern. For the first one I used one of my favourites – jacquard, while for the second I used florence. I am working with milanese on the third panel. Still to decide what to use for the fourth panel. Here are a couple of more detailed photos of the first two panels. Happy stitching!


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