In Zürich Again

We have been in Switerland for a week now, yet yesterday was my first trip into Zürich itself. This time we were to meet up with some of my American cousins. Well, to be precise, the daughter of one of my second cousins. Megan and her husband Bill were by chance in Switzerland on holiday and were due to drive through Zürich to Konstanz on the very day we were to be in the city. Small world indeed! And a very happy coincidence too. So we arranged to meet and we had a lovely afternoon together, though the weather was very, very hot and not conducive to wandering around. We started in Neumarkt, one of our favourite parts of Zürich, and one of the oldest parts. Here is a view looking down the street to the church tower at the bottom.
We had lunch sitting outside at the restaurant in front of this church tower. Neumarkt has some really lovely boutique shops, including our favourite furniture shop which spreads over four levels. Below is the spread at the entrance to this shop, followed by some of the intersting window displays on view.
The next shot is specially for the ladies. Four lovely shoes to show off a delicate ankle! Take your pick!
Despite the heat, we took Megan and Bill on a short tour of the Old Town. On the way we passed the top of Rennweg, another interesting street. This time it was all covered with gorgeous colourful banners, as you can see in the photo below.
On the Bahnhofstrasse we popped into the Sprüngli chocolate shop so that Bill and Megan could indulge in one of their passions. They came away with a few goodies, which may or may not survive to cross the Atlantic. En route back to their car, we passed by the lake and a kind lady took this snap of the four of us.
Our brief encounter was over, but it was lovely to meet up with some of our relatives from across the pond. They should now be regarded as my Canadian cousins now, as Bill is Canadian and he and Megan live near Toronto. I hope we can meet up with them again in either Scotland or Canada. Here`s hoping.


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