A Day Trip to Malmö

During our holiday in Copenhagen we made a few trips to other places nearby. This included a trip across the water to Malmö in southern Sweden. With the efficient public transport that one expects in Scandinavia this was an easy undertaking. Malmö is just a short train ride away over the bridge. The third largest city in Sweden Malmö is a very interesting place. Not quite as colourful or attractive as Copenhagen, but still with plenty to see and do. The city boasts an amazing contrast with an older more traditional centre, an industrial area by the harbour and some of the most avant-garde buildings in Europe. We also went on a boat trip round the canals and the harbour and even had time for Alessio’s favourite passtime – exploring a playground. We started in the centre where there are some of the most beautiful of the older buildings. The first one below is Flensburg House, which dates back to 1595. Then what I think is the Town Hall and finally an unknown building.
P1050028 P1050017 P1050044
Alongside these traditional buildings there are some interesting examples of modern architecture. The first photo below shows a lovely combination of the old and the new – the extension to the city library. Then a rather imposing all black building by the canal. Not sure what it is – offices perhaps. Finally the all glass front of the new University of Malmö building in the harbour area.
P1050040 P1050054 P1050085
Sweden of course, like Denmark is associated with good modern design. So we just had to go into this wonderful store and explore all the beautiful items on offer. No commentary is needed for the next three photos,
P1050024 P1050026 P1050027
Malmö is still very much an industrial city with an extensive area by the harbour filled with some extremely large buildings. Not altogether sure what goes on inside them all. Some seemed to be warehouses, while others may have been assembly plants. The first photo below shows a very, very large metal tube awaiting its fate. Then a couple of the large buildings.
P1050065 P1050067 P1050068
The harbour at Malmö is still a pretty busy place, with boats of all shapes and sizes on display. It even has a lovely traditional lighthouse, of the striped decoration, as you can see in the first photo below. Then comes one of the very old ships still anchored in the harbour. Finally one of the more modern giant ferry ships.
P1050075 P1050083 P1050076
The industrial area by the harbour is apparently to be renovated into an upmarket yuppie type residential area. Already the first signs of this transformation can be seen. The most spectacular is the famous or infamous Turning Torso Tower. This high rise block of luxury apartments is supposed to be the tallest building in the whole of Scandinavia at 190 metres high. I don’t think the building actually turns, rather each level is at an angle to the one below, so the building turns on its own axis as it rises above the ground. It certainly stands out from all over Malmö and is almost overpowering when you stand right in front of it. Below are a couple of photos of the Torso taken from different places in the city. I end with another of the ultra modern buildings in this part of the city. This time a glossy looking, but rather smaller block of apartments.
P1050062 P1050077 P1050090


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