Postcards from Copenhagen

Earlier this month we had a lovely week’s holiday in Copenhagen. We had Emma and Alessio to keep us company and we were blessed with glorious summer weather. If anything a bit too hot for us at times. During out stay we visited many places outside Copenhagen. However this post focuses on some of the wonderful sights in the city itself. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is very much a royal city and there are many beautiful buildings associated with various kings and queens. Below are three of the best. First the Christiansborg, which is now home to the Danish parliament, and the Borgen of the famous TV series. Then one of the wings of the current royal residence, the Amalienborg. Finally the gloriously extravagant Marble Church or Marmorkirken as it is known in Danish.
P1040869 P1040941 P1040936
Copenhagen is also a great city for the arts and architecture. It has recently seen the construction of three iconic modern buildings. Two are on the waterfront and stand out either like a sore thumb or as a beacon of modernity, depending on your view of modern architecture. I think they both work very well. The first is the new Opera house, followed by the all black extension to the National Library. This is for obvious reasons known as the Black Diamond. The third modernist building is another extension, this time to the National Gallery of Denmark.
P1040951 P1040999 P1040889
Copenhagen still has some more traditional cultural offerings for the visitor. Sculptures of all kinds adorn the city and the older museums and galleries are all housed in lovely buildings. Below is a view of the Design Museum, followed by a replica of the statue of David and finally a modern sculpture above a water cascade.
P1050156 P1040956 P1040952
One of the things that most struck us all was how bright and colourful Copenhagen is. Most buildings seem to be painted in a wide range of bright and cheerful colours. Here are a few, starting with the famous Nyhavn seen in the early evening. This is followed by some houses in Nyboden and a couple of houses in the area near our apartment, close to Sortedam Lake.
P1040877 P1040925 P1050011
Copenhagen is a city by the sea and much of the city is made up of little islands. Water seems to be everywhere and the harbour is huge. Ships ply up and down the main waterway all day long, from cargo ships to tourist boats to the simple water equivalent of a bus. Here are some views of the harbour area. The first is a wide view looking across the water from the old city. Then a view looking up the main waterway from one of the boat buses and finally a snap of one of the old style ships which now ferry tourists around the harbour.
P1040954 P1040972 P1040995
There are of course plenty of more relaxing opportunities for visitors to the city. Who could visit Copenhagen without paying hommage to the Little Mermaid. Then you can stroll through some of the many parks and even practise a little yoga. And to end, why not sample a little Danish hospitality in one of the lovely cafés. The one this ends with a photo of Emma and Alessio in the cafe at the Danish Architectural Centre.  The cafe juts out from the  Centre and gives lovely views of the harbour as well as the more traditional goodies.
P1040961 P1040910 P1050202


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