Stitching Update – August 2013

After a brief gap while on holiday in Copenhagen, I am back stitching again. Before I went on holiday I managed to finish the project I was working on. Unusually for me, this was a repeat of a design I had worked on years before. In fact it was one of my first stitching projects. The design is based on the tiling on the dome of the Madre Chiesa in Francavilla in Puglia in southern Italy. It is the hometown of Alessio’s Italian granny and we were there on holiday for Alessio’s second birthday. I liked the pattern on the dome so much that I used it to develop a design for stitching. The stitches are either simple verticals or horizontals. So it is a kind of Bargello pattern. I have now repeated the piece, this time as a present for Pompeia, Alessio’s nonna, who of course now lives in Switzerland. The piece was stitched in a Penelope type canvass with Anchor tapestry wool in white, emerald green and damask rose. Below is a photo of the dome and then the stitched piece. I will now get it framed before taking it out to Switzerland in September.

I am now working on a new project. This one will be a bit of a make it up as you go piece. Though the centre is Brigid’s octomino. This is an example of a fractal, a mystery of the mathematical world. This particular fractal is a repeating tessellation with an octomino – made up of 8 squares – as the basic shape. Quite why it is called Brigid’s octomino is itself a bit a mystery. There are 8 octominos in the design and the overall shape is itself an octomino. Here is what it looks like just now.
You can just make out the octomino which is stitched in two shades of purple and in a royal blue on the outside. The fabric is an 18ct Aida and the octomino was stitched with three strands of Rajmahal ArtSilk threads. The rest of the design will be stitched with two strands of DMC cotton. Greens will be the prominent colour here, with a little purple and blue for a bit of variety. At the moment the rest of the piece is a bit of a mystery. Wish me luck.


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