Mackintosh Roses

I have now finished my latest project featuring Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired roses. Three little panels make up the composition which fits into a triptych style frame. Each panel has a rose with a silver stem in a silver rectangle. Though based on work by Mackintosh, each panel is slightly different. The silver thread is a metallic Antique Effects from DMC and I used all six strands for this. The petals and other sections were stitched with three threads of Rajmahal ArtSilk threads, a mixture of silk and rayon. Three strands were used for this part. Each rose features two colours, with gentle magenta common to all three. The other colours were purple dusk in the top rose, vermillion in the middle rose and vibrant musk in the bottom rose. The remaining part of each panel is made up of two triangles. These were stitched in three different, but simple bargello patterns using four shades of blue violet, two strands of DMC cotton. Here is the finished piece in its frame, followed by a close up of each rose.


One thought on “Mackintosh Roses

  1. I have a particular respect for Charles Rennie Mackintosh – his designs are deceptively simple, but you try creating something in the same vein… This has worked out well, the colours fit beautifully.

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