A Lavender Cube and More Bargello

Now that my stint stitching for the Great Tapestry of Scotland has come to an end it is back to the more mundane.  As a starter I returned to one of Lousison’s lovely biscornu designs.  In this case I chose one of the petite grilles –  Série No 16 en positif.  There are six little designs in these series and I use all six to make a cube, which I fill with hollowfill fibre and some lavender.  The fabric was a 18ct Aida in pale yellow and the threads were all two strands of DMC cotton in three shades of green – ultra very dark turquoise, turquoise and very dark seagreen.  To sew the sides together I used a light blue green.  Here are some shots of the six squares and the finished cube.



P1040616My current project is somewhat larger and is another bargello composition.  This one is cut to fit into a frame that I picked up in a second hand shop.  The fabric is another 18ct Aida, this time in light green.  The threads are again two strands of DMC cotton in five shades of green.  To add a bit of variety to the bargello patterns I have included some lines in a bright golden yellow silk/rayon mix.  The four straight lines in trammed gobelin give a basic symmetry to the overall composition.  I used five strands for this, simply because one of the strands broke and I was left with five.  This time I have tried to overcome my obsession with symmetry by inserting a couple of snake like lines which are not symmetrical.  Though they do divide the piece into two rough halves.  I used all six strands of the thread for this.   The tiny bit of orange is just a temporary marker to show the centre of the piece.  The two outer parts are both stitched in a simple wave pattern from Pauline Fischer and Anbabel Lasker’s book, Bargello Magic.  There they call this pattern pink parfait, but I think it works fine in green.  The middle section will be filled with one of my favourite bargello patterns –  ripple.  Here is what it looks like just now.




One thought on “A Lavender Cube and More Bargello

  1. Oh I love the colours and shapes in the green composition – that quirkiness really appeals – can’t wait to see the finished piece.

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