By the River Ericht at Blairgowrie

Way back in April when Emma and Alessio were over for a holiday, we made a trip to Blairgowrie, a lovely traditional market town in Perthshire.  We got a bright sunny but chilly day and to get a bit of exercise we started off on a walk which goes up the river Ericht.  We had not gone far when we came across a barrier.  The onwards walk was deemed too dangerous due to a recent landfall.  However it all turned out to the good as we made our way up the hillside to a minor road and were then able to continue our walk and rejoin the main path.  Getting up the hillside was hard work as it was pretty steep as you can see from the first photo below.  Once up thought we were rewarded with some fine views of the river and the hilly countryside beyond, as you can see in the following two photos.

P1040221   P1040248   P1040229

Once back on the path you discover a series of sculptures on blocks of stone.  The sculptures illustrate features of the local environment.  A lovely idea and here are three examples to enjoy.

P1040244     P1040217     P1040251

Throughout the walk you come across examples of habitation from the past to the present.  This was previously a densely populated part of the world.  First up is the remains of a doorway into a worker’s cottage, which was built of stone.  Then another stone built building, this time a lovely barn and finally, one of the more modern up market residences to be glimpsed through the trees.

P1040243   P1040233   P1040241

This part of the river Ericht was once upon a time, and not that long ago, famous for its mills, originally powered by water from the fast flowing river.  Nearly all are in ruins nowadays alas, though a few still remain and those have been turned into luxury style apartments.  Below is a view across the river to one of the still standing complete mill complexes, now housing.  Then what remains of the great water wheel which powered another of the mills and to end one of the remaining tall chimneys, a relic of the time when water gave way to steam.

P1040254     P1040257     P1040240

Blairgowrie is a lovely old town and well worth a visit.  There are many other interesting walks around the town and there are some fine restaurants and cafes in which to recover from your exertions.



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