Three Bookmarks

In between sessions working on the Great Tapestry of Scotland, I have been keeping busy with little pieces of needlework.  The latest endeavour was to stitch three bookmarks, an enjoyable and practical activity.  This time I chose three traditional Palestinian designs and once again limited myself to four bright colours, though I only used three in each bookmark.  Here is the first one.

P1040545This motif is called Crown and comes from the Ramleh – Lydda area.  I used chartreuse for the green central line and a medium garnet and dark electric blue for the crowns.   This pattern is usually used as a border.  Here is the next design.

P1040546This design is made up of Rose Buds and comes from Beit Dajan.  The motif is also known as Orange Blossoms and Airy Fairy Branch.  The central line or branch is stitched with dark electric blue and the buds are in lemon and medium garnet.  The final bookmark is below.

P1040547This bookmark consists of four examples of the motif Four Eggs in a Pan and comes from Ramallah.  The outside of the pan would probably be stitched in a dark colour, but I decided to stick with the colours I had out, so this part of the pan was stitched in chartreuse.  The inside is in medium garnet and the four eggs were stitched with the lemon threads.  All the threads are DMC cotton and two strands were used throughout.  The fabric is an Aida Band.  After this brief relaxing interlude it is back to the Tapestry panel.  My turn begins again tomorrow.  Wish me luck.




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