Juteopolis – Update, May 2013

Our panel on Victorian Dundee for the Great Tapestry of Scotland is nearing completion. Still a bit to go, but it is taking shape quite nicely.   Virtually all of the main body of the panel has been completed.  Margaret has only to finish off a few stitches on the whalers and that part will be done and dusted.  Here is what it looks like at the moment.

P1040512The panel needs to be stretched and made nice and taught, so there are a few wrinkles to be seen at present.  Still this gives a good idea of where we are.  As you can see we are now working our way round the outside sections.  These are filled with images that our little group selected to represent Victorian Dundee.  Marilyn has completed the two sections along the bottom – the Tay Rail Bridge disaster and a Fifie.  For non Dundonians or those of a younger generation Fifie was the nickname given to the ferry boats which transported people and cars across the Tay from Dundee to Newport in Fife, hence the nickname.  Here are the two in a bit more detail.

P1040514P1040513Marilyn is no longer with the group as she is about to depart for a long holiday in Australia.  Some people get all the luck.  Thankfully she has left us with some wonderful stitching.  Before she left she managed to complete part of the next section on our panel – the Bandstand at Magdalen Yard Green.   Marilyn stitched the Bandstand itself and I have just finished the surrounding area – the grass, the river and the fields on the Fife side of the Tay.  You can see it here.

P1040511The next section is the Royal Arch which was built to welcome a visit by Queen Victoria to Dundee.  Quite an imposing and impressive structure, which alas is no longer with us.  It was destroyed in 1967 to make way for the approach road to the newly built Tay road bridge.  The Arch was full of sculptural details, which will make it very difficult to stitch in such a small space.  So far I have done the outline and am now pondering over how to complete the dam thing.  Wish me luck.  Below is the outline.

P1040515All the drawings were expertly done by the project’s resident artist, Andrew Crummy.  We met Andrew in Arbroath along with some of the stitchers from the Red Lichties group in Arbroath.  Only a few weeks left to complete everything, so back to work.


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