Tea and Biscuits

I have become over the years a great lover of tea.  Usually I just drink an ordinary tea from a tea bag.  But now and again I branch out a bit and try something a bit different – an earl grey or lady grey for example.  This week I have been trying out a really delicious tea which Emma brought back from her trip to Hong Kong earlier in the year.  The tea comes as leaves, so I get to enjoy the whole experience of tea brewing and then drinking.   Alas, the text is all in chinese, so I have no idea what it is I am drinking, but it tastes and smells gorgeous.  To my taste it has a slight smokey flavour, but I am not the most expert in these matters.   Here is the decorated box it came in, followed by the chinese characters, then the tea itself in a cup.

P1040271P1040272P1040269With the tea, Emma also brought us a lovely box of almond and walnut biscuits, this time from Macau, the former Portuguese colony in China.  These biscuits are very dry and crumbly and make a delicious accompaniment to a cup of tea.  Here is the box cover followed by a couple of the little biscuits.


For some reason best known to himself, Alessio, all of six years old, has suddenly decided to start drinking tea.  He simply came out and said he wanted a cup of tea and a cake.  I wonder where he gets these notions of luxury from?  His mother doesn’t drink tea so he cannot have had much exposure to tea in Switzerland.  One of life’s little mysteries.  Anyway, he is now enjoying drinking tea.  He has yet to try the Chinese tea, but that awaits him.  Happy tea drinking to one and all.


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