Tulips in a Bargello Ground

P1040159For my current stitching project I have gone back to some more Bargello designs.  This one features tulips.  The pattern for the tulips comes from The Bargello Book by Frances Salter.  I used two threads from Les Fils du Rhin for the tulips – 1001 nuits for the flowers and mousson for the stems.  The rest of the diamonds are filled in with cream from the DMC range. All the stitching is done with two strands of the cotton threads.  The overall shape for the design is based on an example of Japanese ink paintings which I saw in an exhibition in Zürich last year at the Ethnographic Museum – Völkerkunde Museum.  I have used another framework from that exhibition previously, for Roses in a Japanese Garden, which I posted about here.  This time the overall shape consists of two diamonds in a rectangle.  In the original the two parts of the rectangle were painted in blue and grey.  Here I have used four shades of lavender for both parts, but have used different Bargello patterns for each side to give a bit of contrast to the whole.  I rather like the overall composition for this piece and will probably use it again.  But next time I will only put one pattern in the centre of each diamond.  Four tulips make it look a bit too crowded.  Something simple next time around.  After this project is finished I will have a bit of a rest from stitching as Emma and Alessio arrive on Friday for a 10 visit.  Not that there will be much rest.  Then it will be back to our panel for the Great Tapestry of Scotland.  Happy stitching.


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