Juteopolis Tapestry – Update, April 2013

Our little group of Dundee stitchers, 3J, is making good progress with our panel for the Great Tapestry of Scotland.   We started with four stitchers, but, unfortunately, one of our members has decided she can no longer continue.  So now we are three.  Our panel has the title Juteopolis and represents Victorian Dundee – the era of Jute, Jam and Journalism.  We have now completed most of this part of the panel, as you can see from the photo below.

P1040022Below are some more detailed snaps of the panel.  First up shows part of the mill buildings, part of the roll of paper and the blouse and apron of the jute worker.  I stitched the buildings while Jessie completed the paper.  She has nicely captured the different tones and textures of a roll of paper.   Margaret is working on the jute worker’s outfit.  Again some nice textural work here.

P1040067The next photo shows the other side of the upper panel with the roll of jute.  Marilyn is working on this part and here again she has successfully highlighted the contrasting tones and textures of the two sides of a roll of jute.

P1040068The lower part of the panel depicts the other key industry in Victorian Dundee – whaling.  We have only made a start on this section.  Here is how it looks at the moment.

P1040018Marilyn is working on the body of the whale and only the grey part is above the water.  The rest of the whale is under the sea and will be stitched in blues.   I stitched the bits on the outside of the whale.  Below is a more detailed look at this part of the panel.

P1040019The body of the whale and the completed sections of the sea will all be stitched in as a solid with no gaps to show the fabric.  However we are thinking of using variations on seeding for the other sea parts.  I have been looking at other panels for ideas to pinch.  Below is a glimpse of my first tentative attempts at this.

P1040064 The Great Tapestry project has its own Facebook page where you can see lovely photos from all the panels across Scotland.  Well worth a look.  Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “Juteopolis Tapestry – Update, April 2013

  1. What an excellent post Alister – things are coming along well and it’s delightful to be able to see each piece as it progresses. I love the colours and texture in the building – I’ve only been to Dundee a couple of times, but I’m sure it feels exactly right.

    • Thanks for the comments. I think everyone in the project is getting a bit nervous now, as all the panels have to be finished by mid June. And we have still to add in some images of our own. Back to the grindstone!

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