Postcards from Kilchberg

Kilchberg is a small town or village by the southern shore of the Zürichsee.  It is the first place you come to when you leave the city of Zürich itself.  It is really a dormitory town for Zürich.  There is no gap between the two places.  Indeed almost the whole of the southern shore of the lake is one continuous built-up area.  Kilchberg is still a town in its own right, with its own council and local government.  It is not the sort of place that tourists tend to visit, but it has been home for Emma for some six years or so.  And in that time we have come to know and like Kilchberg. It is only 14 minutes from Zürich by a good and reliable bus service.  So a good base for exploring the city and the surrounding areas.  However Kilchberg itself and its neighbour, Rüschlikon, are well worth exploring on their own.  The lake is a great atrraction and Emma’s flat is just across the round from the lake.   As its name indicates, Kilchberg is built on a hill and from the top you get wonderful views of the lake and the pre-alps in the distance.   Here are some views from upper Kilchberg.  In the last one the chimney belongs to the Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate factory.  Emma’s flat is directly to the right of this factory.


Though quite a small place with a population of about 7,500, Kilchberg is home to a lot of wealthy people.  Something that is immediately evident by a quick wander around the place and a look at the rich range of houses on view.  Many feature the traditional half timbered façade, which is very popular all over Switzerland.  Below are three examples.  The first is now an upmarket restaurant and the second part of the cultural quarter near the top of the town, while the third is a modern block of flats built in the old style.


In addition to the very old half timbered houses there are wonderful examples of 19th and early 20th century styles in the town.  Here are two, followed by a group of cottage style houses, just to show that not everything in Kilchberg is big and brash.


As a place for the rich and wealthy, Kilchberg has its fair share of ultra modern houses of the concrete variety.  Some are quite nice and as the following shows, some can be very colourful indeed.


Kilchberg is home to two beautiful, but contrasting churches.  The parish church of the Reformed church stands proudly and imposingly high above the lake at the top of the town.  Its stone clock tower is a local landmark.  The other church of note of the Catholic church of St Elizabeth.  This could not be more different as it is a very modern building both in and out.  The roof reminds a bit of the upturned dome of the Scottish Parliament.  The third of the photos below shows the clock tower of the Reformed church in Rüschlikon, a beautifully decorated example of clock towers.


As seems to be the case everywhere in Switzerland, Kilchberg is a very clean, tidy and colourful place.  Partly this stems from the wonderful displays of flowers which abound throughout the town, whether in private or public gardens.  Here are a few below, starting with the almost obligatory sunflower, which seems to be everywhere and ending with a stunning display from the public cemetery in the grounds of the parish church.  Always immaculately maintained and wonderful place to repose and relax.


Finally some oddities which don’t fit in anywhere else.  There is not much in the way of shops in Kilchberg, but you do come across some items for sale, just left outside on a table with an honesty box for the money.  Especially in autumn you will see jars of jam for sale on a table as in the first photo below.  The Swiss seem to like to display items from their past as in the carriage wheels on the side of a barn in the second photo.  The very last one is one of my favourites.  I caught this single leaf apparently suspended in mid-air, but actually hanging from a spider’s thread.



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