A Biscornu with a Difference

I recently had a couple of days between projects, which I filled by stitching another biscornu.  As usual the designs came from the ever inventive Louison.  Her designs for biscornus come in pairs.  One could be described as the original or base pattern, known as the positif, while the other is the mirror image, but in the negative.  Very simple and very effective.  A few weeks back one of her regular contributors, Sophie, featured a biscornu stitched from two different designs, using only the positif pattern.  I was very impressed with this simple change and decided to copy this idea for myself.  Below are the two patterns, followed by snaps of the finished biscornu.


P1030953P1030952The two patterns I chose are the positif patterns from Series 77 and 80.  I think they complement each other quite nicely.  Sometimes the negative version of the design can be very full, and on the whole I prefer simplicity and clear lines.  The fabric is a 18ct Aida in green and both threads are shades of lavender, one a lavender blue.  As I chose lavender for the colours, it seemed appropriate to fill the biscornu with lavender.  For my next biscornu I may well repeat this approach.  Later on this week the Great Tapestry panel comes back to me.  The panel is beginning to fill up.  Just hope we can finish it all in time.  Happy stitching!


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