Another Bargello Rose (2)

After my little interlude working on the Great Tapestry of Scotland, I returned to the Bargello Rose which I started about a month ago.  I have now completed stitching all the five concentric rings of the piece.  Here is what it looks like just now.P1030945The wool is Paternayan Persian yarn and I used one strand of the yarn.  The gold around the rose is a metallic thread from DMC.  The fabric is a 14ct canvas.  As per usual, I have no idea what to do with the piece now that it is stitched.  Must spend some time thinking about what to do with these completed pieces.  I now have a two week gap before I get the Great Tapestry panel back again.  Unusually for me I have nothing specific lined up.  Perhaps I can spend the next couple of days planning my stitching schedule for the coming few months.


4 thoughts on “Another Bargello Rose (2)

  1. I love these colours Alister, and what gorgeous textures. I never know what to do with the finished pieces either – do any of your Great Tapestry of Scotland colleagues have any ideas? I often think that the rewards are in the stitching, rather than in the final result.

    • I very much agree that the reward is the stitching itself. Also the planning and preparation. But the finishing off is another matter altogether. My tapestry colleagues do not seem to do that much stitching as it happens. Though one did suggest using some pieces in a cushion. I have thought about using some pieces to make a bag, but have no idea how to make a bag. Too many complications! Better to stick to stitching.

    • Alas, I do my (un)fair share of unstitching. Too often something is not quite right and I have to unpick parts of the work. And so far I have never found it in any way rewarding! Just more evidence of my incompetence at times. Now unstitching something on purpose might be different. But as yet I have not had that pleasure or pain.

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