Juteopolis – Update March 2012

P1030939Our panel on Victorian Dundee for the Great Tapestry of Scotland is slowly but surely beginning to take shape.  The jute mills which form the background to most of the panel, are almost complete.  The side chimneys are all that remain to be stitched.  A start has been made on the jute worker’s apron, the roll of jute and the roll of paper.  We have even made a start on the whale and the sea.  Stitching on linen is still a bit of a learning curve for all of us.  At times everything seems to go smoothly and then all of a sudden something is out of line or too long or too short.  Patience, patience and more patience seems to be the key.  We now have a very big frame for our panel.  So big that it is a bit awkward to work with.  Especially as my table support does not work with this large a frame.  Some of the group will prefer the circular frame after all.

We have still to work out what other images of Victorian Dundee we want to add to the panel.  One suggestion which we like, is to have running along the top, through the circles, a panoramic skyline of Dundee.  Given that the whole thing has to be finished by the middle of June, these additional sections will need to be outlines and stitched mainly in backstitch.  Below are some more photos of parts of the panel.  Happy stitching!




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