Belated Signs of Spring

It has been a long and pretty miserable winter over here.  Nothing especially bad, just cold, wet and dreich.  To cap it all we have now had another fall of snow.  All this has meant that flowers have been very late in appearing.  However a few signs have recently emerged in the garden.  Below are some photos taken today of these belated shoots of new growth.  First up a couple of views of early buds on the bergenia – usually a reliable source of long lasting colour.P1030928P1030927By this time of the year the garden is usually awash with yellow and purple crocuses.  This year very few as yet.  Here are a couple of single specimens.


Some blooms have been out for some ever since the New Year.  For example this sturdy example of Helleborus Niger or as it is more commonly known the Christmas Rose.P1030933

There are thank goodness, plenty of glimpse of things to come, as in this pot of tulips, which should flower in late April or May.



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