A Few More Oddities and Crudités

I have not been out and about much over the past few months.  Getting really lazy!  So there have been a lot less opportunities to practice my photo skills.  However looking over my recent collection of snaps I found a few photos which may be worth looking at again.  The first goes back to just before Christmas when we were visiting St Andrews one very cold day and came across this odd object on the top of a door lintel.

P1030599Early in the New Year I took this photo of some yachts in and out of the harbour at Tayport.  I quite like the reflections on this one.

P1030636The horsemeat scandal is still relatively hot news here, and this was one of our local butcher’s attempt to portray his innocence with a bit of humour.

P1030789As part of my research into Victorian Dundee for our panel for the Great Tapestry of Scotland, I have been out looking at some of the jute mills in the city.  Below is what is left of one of them.  I tried to incorporate some of the colours from this into the stitching.

P1030812One of our Christmas presents is now beginning to bloom – a lovely amaryllis.  Here is what it looks like today.



3 thoughts on “A Few More Oddities and Crudités

  1. I very much like that pumpkin! I also have been thinking about writing a post (someday!) about old mills and textile industries… I know there are many interesting mills in the UK. It would be great to know more about them, if you want to share more!

    • Dundee was once upon a time very famous for its jute mills. Many have now gone, but many still survive. Some have been transformed into up market flats. Glad you mentioned this interest in old mills. I had forgotten that for a very brief period I worked in a jute mill in the 1960s. Shortly before they all disappeared as working mills. I must get round to writing a post on the mills of Dundee. Does Québec have a history of textile mills?

      • We do have mills too, but the truth is I don’t know much about them, and I don’t think we care enough about them and their history as a society. Some of them have been transformed in appartments and lofts (of course!), some in galeries or small historical sites (very small mills)… I would like to know more about them, and visit them. J’aime beaucoup le patrimoine industriel. Have you ever seen this video about textile mills in Lancashire: http://vimeo.com/22586256 ? I think it’s a sad reality, but at the same time, I feel like working in this industry, must be very hard, and sad too in a way, even tought it must not be the same today as it once was.

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