Roses in a Japanese Garden

I have now finished my latest needlework project, the one inspired by formal Japanese calligraphy painting and Charles Rennie Mackintosh style stained glass work.  I have whimsically entitled the piece Roses in a Japanese Garden in hommage to its two roots.   The Mackintosh inspired section is from a rose flower design, and the japanese part could almost be an abstract representation of a Japanese garden.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  There are three panels to the work and I described the middle panel here.  The other two panels are identical in design, though different in the pattern for the roses and the stitches for the Japanese style sections.  Here is the first panel.

P1030832The two panels in greys were stitched in a variation of a simple Bargello wave pattern involving two sets of peaks.  The blue section was stitched in a variation of Jacquard stitch.  Next up is the third panel.

P1030830Here the two panels in greys were stitched in a Bargello pattern commonly known as ripples, one of my favourite Bargello designs.  This time the blue section was filled with cashmere stitches.  Once I had finished the stitching I had to cut out each panel and then stretch them to try and make them square.  A forlorn hope!  Little difference was made to each panel, so I just made do with what I had.  Part of the problem was that I had stitched the three panels on one piece of fabric, which meant lots of rolling up as the work progressed.  I am sure this helped to stretch the fabric in ways I did not want.  In future I will stitch one piece at a time.  The three panels are now safely ensconced in a tryptich frame from IKEA.  As this has a glass covering, photographing is a bit problematic, with reflections et al.  Anyway here is the final piece in all its glory.



3 thoughts on “Roses in a Japanese Garden

    • Thank you, I should have taken some photos before putting the panels in the frame with the glass. I always find it difficult to get a good photo what with all the reflections. I am currently stitching part of our panel for the Great Tapestry of Scotland, and hope to have photos ready by next week.

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