The Great Tapestry Update

Things are beginning to move a bit faster with our tapestry panel.  Last Saturday I was in Edinburgh for the Great Tapestry Big Blether.  All the groups were invited to attend with their panels to share their experiences with other stitchers.   I was there for the morning and the room was incredibly crowded.  All of the work on display was wonderful and some of the stitching just amazing.  We will have our work cut out to maintain this standard.  Some of the groups which started last summer are finished or nearly finished, while we have barely started.  Below are a few of the photos I took of some of the more fascinating sections from various panels.  For more photos of the Great Tapestry go here.

P1030738P1030717P1030683Yesterday, some of the east of Scotland groups got our own little get together with Andrew and Dorie from the co-ordinating group.  This proved to be a very fruitful meeting and three of our group managed to attend.  With luck it looks like we have resolved our local difficulty over whether the jam in our panel is orange marmalade or soft fruit jam.  Our solution, agreed with Andrew is to show both in two new side panels.  Andrew drew them on the spot and then transferred the drawings to the linen.  One of the new panels shows a ship carrying oranges with the Keillor’s name to represent marmalade, while the other panel will be a large basket filled with soft fruit.  We now have to come up with ideas for the remaining sections of our panel.  All have to represent Victorian Dundee, so any ideas will be most welcome.  So far, suggestions include the Tay Bridge disaster and the Verdant Works, a former jute mill, now a museum of the jute industry.  Below are our two new panels and a photo of Andrew transferring one of the drawings onto the linen.

P1030792P1030790P1030791The other important progress we made was with the threads and stitches.  When going over our panel with Dorie, the sewing adviser, she suggested that we use some completely different colours from the ones we had been sent.  She also gave us some helpful ideas on stitches to use.  It is just a great pity that we did not have this meeting with Dorie, way back in December when to got our panel.  We also learned from the Newport group how they have devised a lovely system of their own for recording which threads to use for each section.  I have now started to devise something similar for our group.  My turn to work on our panel comes next week so I need to get back to practicing.


One thought on “The Great Tapestry Update

  1. Superb stuff Alister – it’s coming along well isn’t it and you’re making lots of connections too. Keep the progress reports coming – and lots of pictures!

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