Bikes in the Netherlands

I must get back out cycling again.  I really, really must.  I owe it to myself, my health and wellbeing and so on.  But not today, as it is dark, dull, wet and miserable.  Instead I will remind myself of some of the lovely bikes we saw during our trip to the Netherlands last year.  And come the spring I may even be on a bike myself.  Who knows?  Stranger things have happened.  Back to the Netherlands, where bikes are everywhere.  Especially in Amsterdam.  The bridges over the canals were a favourite place to tie up your bike while at work or visiting someone.  Here are three of them.


Most of the bikes you see lying around are pretty ordinary, but very sturdy bikes.  I guess it is too risky to leave an expensive designer bike lying around.  too much of a temptation for thieves.  Still, there were was plenty of variety in the bikes on display as you can see here.


In the evening when it got very dark there were still hundreds of bikes lying around.  They all seem to have some kind of special substance on their tyres which make them glow in the dark.  Here is a selection from Amsterdam.


Though bikes were to be found in all Dutch towns and cities, we didn’t come across quite as many as in Amsterdam, but here are three snaps of bikes from Leiden, Den Haag and Utrecht.


Bikes are of course used as effective means of transport in the Netherlands as elsewhere and not just urban decoration, so I thought I would end with three shots of bikes in their fit for purpose role.  Good cycling to one and all.






4 thoughts on “Bikes in the Netherlands

  1. Oh, I love these bikes and I want one! They are very stylish, they glow in the dark, and they look like they will last a lifetime… or two. What a nice trip! Maybe your next one should be Denmark…

  2. Thanks for your comments. It is amazing that you should suggest visiting Copenhagen, as we have just, last week, booked our flights to that city. We don’t go till August, so we have a bit of a wait, but we are already excited about what will be our first visit to Denmark. Had not really associated bikes with Copenhagen, but I will definitely be on the lookout for them when we get there.

    • Oh wow, I’m sure it will be an amazing trip! I never went, but I have a thing for Scandinavian countries… Copenhagen really is a city, if not THE city of Bikes! Thousands and thousands of people go to work on their bike each day, they have the best “bike lanes” (pistes cyclables), very few stops even when they live far away from work… et des privilèges que les automobilistes n’ont pas! I don’t think you can miss the traffic once you’re there… hope you enjoy!

      • Copenhagen does seem a very exciting city. I now have a guide book to help plan our visit. Been to Scandinavia only once before – a short break in Stockholm, and it was wonderful, a very beautiful city with lots of waterways. You have truly whetted by appetite for Copenhagen – thank you.

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