Bargello à Six – Study in Green

P1030630I have just completed my final stitching project for 2012:  Bargello à Six – Study in Green.  This one complements an earlier bargello piece, also with six designs, but done in pink.  The patterns for this piece come from two sources.  Three from The Bargello Book by Frances Salter and the other three from Bargello, a Fresh Approach to Florentine Embroidery by Brenda Day.  Each square is 64 stitches by 64.  As a couple of the patterns feature an odd number of stitches, I had to amend them slightly to make the final pattern balanced.  If there is only one vertical stitch in the pattern, this does not matter so much as with the two outside patterns on the lower line.  As with the previous piece, this was stitched on an 18ct Aida fabric in spring green.  I used two strands of DMC cotton in various shades of green – from dark to light – ultra dark pistachio green, very dark emerald green, very dark parrot green, medium yellow green, chartreuse and very light yellow green.  Unusually for me, this piece has been designed to fit into a frame.  Another old, second-hand frame from IKEA.  I am not sure whether to apply a coat of lime to this frame or just polish it up in brown.  Below is a photo of the earlier piece in pink.  For the Study in Green I wanted to use six different bargello designs, which involved a bit of hunting around in my books.  But I did eventually find six new patterns.   I like this type of composition and sometime next year I hope to experiment a bit.  One idea is to use a larger number of smaller squares and another is to use the same design, but instead vary the colours.  One design and six different colours for example.  I love Bargello patterns and it is great fun making up compositions with them.  Anyway, Happy New Year to one and all and happy stitching.



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