Keukenhof- Memories of Spring

Now we are in deep midwinter I thought I would cheer myself up a bit by rummaging through my photo files.  There I rediscovered the photos from our visit to the wonderful Keukenhof Gardens.  We visited this site in April during our holiday in the Netherlands.  We were quite lucky with the weather as it stayed dry almost the whole day and we even had some sunshine.  The gardens are primarily devoted to tulips and it was amazing to see so many different colours and shapes all in the one place.  As well as the flowers there was plenty other attractions to keep everyone happy, including a little boy.  So here is a splash of colour to help us through the dark, dark days of winter.  Tulips form the mainstay of Keukenhof, so we start with some examples of the dozens on display.  Most were shown on their own or in pairs as in the first line below, but there were a few displays which included other spring flowers as in the second line.

P1000843  P1000866  P1000879


Each year at Keukenhof they have a special guest and this year it was Poland and some of the displays were designed to promote the country.  Below is one that was meant to honour Frederic Chopin.  This is followed by two views of the surrounding fields full of mass plantings of bulbs, in striking colourful rows.


Not all the displays were of tulips and below are some of the other flowers on show, starting with a mixed display, followed by some hyacinths and ending with a bunch of daffodils from one of the glass houses.


No event in the Netherlands would be complete without some wooden clogs and other traditional examples of Dutch culture.


Keukenhof is a very attractive site with plenty to interest people of all ages.  These includes a lovely lake with stepping boards to entice the hardy, an adventure playground and inside one of the glass houses an old car from Poland.


As a site devoted to flowers in the countryside, it was not surprising to find more than flowers.  Birds were attracted by the prospect of food, while some geese could be seen wandering about.  As the site is primarily about tulips, I end with anther example of the beauty to be found in mass planting.  Here’s to a warm, sunny and colourful spring!



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