Els Socors Embroidery Piece No3


I have now finished stitching the third in the Els Socors series, all based on the floor tiling patterns in the Renaissance style church in Ciutadella in Menorca.  This one is probably the simplest of the three and only uses six colours.  The central section is once again stitched in Iris from the Caron Watercolours wool collection and in Gentle Magenta, one of the Rajmahal ArtSilk threads.  There is only one shade of green in this piece and the triangles on the outside are stitched in a grey linen thread.  The new colours this time come in the four crosses which are stitched with Persian wool in two shades of blue.  As I discovered with the previous two pieces the finished piece is not exactly the square it is supposed to be.  I will just have to live with this quirk.  I also note that in two of the pieces some of the white fabric can be seen at the edges.  Bad finishing once again.  I think I may get some paint and just try and paint over these bits.  Not sure what to do with the three pieces now.  My original idea was to put them together on some background material, probably in a vertical row.  Will leave them for a bit while I cogitate over what to do with them.  I have already started my next project which is another wrap to go round a glass jar for a candle.  Good stitching.


2 thoughts on “Els Socors Embroidery Piece No3

  1. I really like the variety of stitches you’ve used here – I’ve never been very experimental with stitches, but I can see that it has tremendous possibilities. I wonder if there are any lovely people out there who’d relish the challenge of framing/mounting/presenting our styles of needlepoint. I know there are finishers for cushions – but is there anyone who could finish our pieces? If I’m honest, I lose a lot of interest once I’ve finished the sewing – in my mind I sometimes see how I would like it to look, but I don’t have the knowledge/tools/materials to make it happen.

    • Very interesting idea! I too tend not to bother too much about my work once I have finished the stitching. Some I put into second hand frames and recently I have experimented with sticking some onto a fabric background. Some I give away and lots just lie around in boxes, waiting for something to turn up. But it would be wonderful if there was someone with the skills to round off a piece in just the right way.

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