The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Our little group of stitchers from Dundee met for the first time last week.  Well three of us managed to meet up at the DCA where we were able to use their craft room.  Which was very handy as the panel is quite large and we needed a large table to lay it out so we could all see it properly.  Below is a copy of the panel, showing the colours we are to use.  As this is a photo of the original, the colours are not as bright as they should be.  But they give you an idea of the design.

As you can see our panel highlights some of the key industries in Dundee’s past – jute, jam, journalism and whale fishing.  OK, I suppose for a historical tapestry.  The design has been traced onto the panel and we have been given fairly strict instructions about how to go about the stitching.  With the panel came the threads, all Appleton 2 ply wool, apart from a small amount of perle cotton.  My first task is to sort out the threads and make up a colour palette card – the card is supplied – I just have to attach the threads with the correct number of the shade.

We also got small cut-offs of the linen fabric so we can practise the stitches we will use on the panel.  Just as well as I have no experience of stitching on linen, nor have the other members of our group.  Most of the suggested stitches are new to me, so this whole thing is going to one fast learning curve for me.  Still it is a privilege and a challenge to be part of this great adventure.  We meet again next week to try out some of the new stitches and discuss some more of the practicalities.  We have also to come up with a name for our group.  Any suggestions warmly welcomed.

We are group 146 in the project, so one of the last groups to get started.  For a lovely account of the activities of one of the first groups to get going here is a link to the blog of one of their members.  Gives lots of background information about the whole project.  Happy stitching one and all.


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