Flags, a new Biscornu and More

I have now finished the Palestinian composition I was working on.  The design comes from Palestinian Embroidery Motifs, by Margarita Skinner and Widad Kamel Kawar, where it is titled Flags and comes from the Jerusalem area.  Only the four multi-coloured octagonal shaped pieces are flags.  The rest of the composition is made up of other motifs.  The horizontal motif is known as wide open eye and comes from Ramleh, while the vertical motif has two names, true tree or ears of corn and is found all over Palestine.  The  book does not give a name to the other motifs in the piece.  To finish the work off, I have attached the piece to some dark blue fabric which I picked up in Rüschlikon, while on holiday in Switzerland.  I think the blue provides a nice contrast to the white aida fabric of the composition.  However centring the stitching on the blue fabric proved beyond my competence, so the final piece is a bit off centre.  All adds to the charm of the work, at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I am now working on another biscornu, from the apparently inexhaustible treasure trove of Louison and her world of biscornus.  For this piece I am working five colours, all shades of either mauve or cranberry.  I have already completed one side of the biscornu, which you can see here.

Some time in the not too distant future I will be embarking on a new stitching adventure.  I am now one quarter of a group of Dundee stitchers who will stitch one of the panels for the Great Tapestry of Scotland project.  I am due to meet my new colleagues, all women, this Thursday, when I will get my first glimpse of the panel and the threads.  All I know at the moment is that the panel is about one metre by 0.5 metres in size and that the fabric is linen.  As I have never used this fabric before, this could turn out to be quite a challenge for me.  More in a later post.


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