Flags – New Palestinian Embroidery Composition

Now that I am back from my visit to Nablus in Palestine it is not surprising that my latest stitching project is another Palestinian design.  Though in this case I had started the stitching before leaving for Nablus.  The composition is called Flags and comes from the the Jerusalem area, which we did visit on our trip.  As usual the design comes that great treasure, Palestinian Embroidery Motifs by Margarita Skinner and Widad Kamel Kawar.  This time I have used a white fabric, this time in 16ct Aida.  This a particularly bright composition and I am using two different shades of blue, green, yellow and red, plus a dark pewter grey for the outline of the flags.  I have now completed the lower left quadrant which gives a good idea of the overall design.

The bit in the centre are the flags, while the surrounding pieces are different motifs.

While in Nablus I managed to come across some wonderful examples of traditional embroidery and I hope to show some of these pieces in a later post.


4 thoughts on “Flags – New Palestinian Embroidery Composition

    • Many thanks, it is getting pretty dreich up here, so it is extra cheering to be working with such bright colours. Jerusalem was amazing and I hope to go back there for a slightly longer stay. I hope to get up a post about Nablus, another amazing place.

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