Els Socors No 2 and Table Stand

I have just finished stitching the second in the series of three pieces based on the floor tiling from the Renaissance church in Ciutadella in Menorca.  As I hoped it has ended up more or less the same size as the first one.  The colour scheme has ended up slightly different from the first one.  The main difference is the use of two shades of lavender instead of hot pink.   One thing I discovered from this piece is the limitations of dark colours when it comes to variations in stitches.  Part of the exercise was to cover large areas in one colour and at the same time to introduce a bit of variety through changes in texture.  This was impossible to achieve with dark colours as I could not make out the different textures.  I have one more pattern to convert to needlepoint.  Which I hope to do before the end of the year.

I am now the proud owner of a table stand to hold my frames.  A recent post by Dreaming in Stiches told of her conversion to the benefits of a floor stand.  Alas, we do not have the room to accommodate the luxury of a floor stand.  So, as a compromise measure I ordered at table stand – a Stitchmaster Lap Stand to give it its proper name.  Very easy to assemble, quite easy to store when not in use and it does provide some rest for the supporting hand.  Here it is supporting the frame with the Els Socors piece above.  We now welcome some of the family for a week or so and then I am off again on holiday, so I do not expect to get much stitching done in the next two or three weeks.  Still, a nice stand to come back to.  Happy stitching!


2 thoughts on “Els Socors No 2 and Table Stand

    • Thank you, I now have to try and finish the piece off by attaching some kind of backing. This is usually the most difficult part for me, especially when I have used silk threads.

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