Oddities and Crudities (1)

This will be a short post with photos of some of the odder and more unusual sights we came across on our recent holiday in Switzerland and France.  We start with photos taken in or near Kilchberg, where Emma lives.  First is a fine, almost statuesque bird, heron I think, resting on a fence by the lake, followed by an object found in a garden – not sure if it is meant to be a relaxing chair or just a piece of sculpture.  Then some old wheels on the side of a wooden barn and finally a wooden statue in a garden centre.

The next series of photos come from Zürich.  First up is one of the many sculptures which currently dot the city, as part of an initiative called Art and the City.  Most are pretty awful, but this one was quite nice.  Check the dolly birds in the poster behind!  Most of the sculptures are in the former industrial zone of the city and the next photo shows that it is still in part a grimy place.  The following photo is on a building somewhere in the city, but I cannot remember where.  Finally a cuddly bear in one of our favourite windows in Zürich.

The remaining photos were all taken on our trip to and from Chamonix.  The first two show some of the performers from a traditional music band from Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria, all kitted out in lederhosen and other traditional costumes.  They performed just outside our hotel and sometimes on the roof of the hotel restaurant.  Very loud and very lively!  Then the sign above one of the many small chic bars in Chamonix, one of the many we didn’t manage to visit.   The whole Mont Blanc area was full of reproductions of posters from the early years of ski and mountain holidays.  The next photo is one I found on the wall of the loo of a hotel cafe in Argentières, a little village just up the valley from Chamonix.  You could do a nice period costume drama series set in Chamonix.  Finally back in Switzerland on route home to Kilchberg we stopped off to visit the charming village of Gruyères, home to the cheese of the same name.  Once an important centre in the region it is now a kind of living museum, where just about everyone dresses in traditional costume.  It also still has its important and imposing castle, which also doubles as an exhibition gallery.  There were some odd paintings and artefacts on display while we were there, including the one which ends this collection of oddities and crudities.  Bon voyage a tous.


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