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After our sojourn in Switzerland we returned to a very autumnal looking Scotland.  Falling leaves everywhere and a distinct chill in the air – winter canny be far away!  But for now there is still some bright sunshine outside to cheer us up a bit.  Now that I am back home I can pick up the threads of my stitching work.  Though I only have a brief window of a couple of weeks to get going again. Emma and Alessio come here for a visit and then I am off on another jolly jaunt myself.  What an exciting life I must live!

Back to stitching, and keeping up with my practical phase I restarted with four little bookmarks.  Each one features the same simple pattern of three tulips in a Bargello design from The Bargello Book by Frances Salter.  The leaves of each tulip are stitched in the same two shades of green in each bookmark.  I have though varied the flowers, using two different shades each time – Red, yellow, pink and purple.  Good and easy way to get back to work.  Here they are side by side.

I have now started on my next project which is a bit more demanding.  It is the second of what I hope will be three pieces based on the floor tiles in the Els Socors church in Ciutadella in Menorca.  I have decided to try and make all three the same size, which may be impossible as the squares are different sizes in each pattern.  I have also already managed to cut one piece of fabric in the wrong size.  Early signs of old age?  For this design I will use more or less the same colour scheme as for the first piece, though there will be less green in this one.  I will also use the same range of threads –  wool, cotton, silk and linen.  So far I have completed about two thirds of one half of the central design.  Which like the first piece is in Iris, one of the wool threads from the Caron Watercolours series.  Just one strand is used on a 16ct Aida fabric in white.  Here is what I have managed so far.  Good stitching everyone.


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