A Walk from Meilen to Küsnacht

This lovely walk is part of the Lake Zürich Trail, which takes you all the way round the lake.  Emma and Alessio have done the complete circuit in various stages and this was the final piece of the jigsaw as it were.  We have accompanied them on some of the stages, so it was good to help them complete the full set of walks.  Meilen is on the other side of the lake from us in Kilchberg, so we drove there which meant taking the little ferry across the lake.  The start of the walk is fairly steep for about a third of the way, but you are soon rewarded with lovely views of the lake and of the pleasant countrside which is mainly farmland.  Unfortunately the afternoon was cloudy so I could not get really good snaps of the lake.  But below is one taken near the end of the walk, followed by a farm complex and some cows sensibly relaxing in the warmth.


The next three photos show some of the farmland.  First a colourful field of what looks like a flower, followed by a field of maize.  Maize was by far the most common crop, but the plants did not look healthy as can be seen from the close up in the third photo.


Fruit trees, in particular apple trees were another common sight and some were spectacularly laden as in the next photo.  In one field a woman was picking something out of a tree and depositing them in a basket.  They didn`t look like apples, but I couldn`t make out what they were.  Lots of fields were just left as wild meadow.  Alessio had a bit of fun looking for something (gold?) in one of them.


The landscape on the route was quite varied and crosses a couple of very steeply wooded ravines as can be just glimpsed from the next photo.  These dark and damp sections were perfect environments for fungi as the following photo shows.  By now we were ready for a break and here are my walking companions taking a much welcomed rest.


As well as open countryside this walk takes you through the outskirts of some of the lakeside towns.  This gives the walker plenty of opportunity to see some of the old and new architecture of the area.  The following is a sample of what can be seen.  The first is in the countryside, all on its own and is the clubhouse for a shooting club.  Then comes a traditional house on the edge of a common and finally an ultra modern development surrounded by greenery.  Just shows what money, and lots of it, can buy.


With buildings you often find scuptures or other examples of artistic endeavour.  This walk was no exception.  Here are three very different examples.  The first is a flower arrangement outside one of the restaurants the route goes past, then a raging bull in somebody`s patio and last a beautiful maiden sculpted by Karl Lucas Honegger, a now dead local artist.


The walk ends in Küsnacht, another attractive and wealthy lakeside town.  On entering the town we passed this beautiful wreath on a door, one of the traditions in this part of the world.  Near the centre of the town is a wonderful bakery, which we know well, as Emma used to work and live in Küsnacht when she first moved to Switzerland.  As a reward for our endeavours we treated ouselves to cake and coffee, though Alessio as you can see couldn`t resist the temptation of this delicious looking ice cream.




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