Post Cards from Vienna

Vienna is a city that has always fascinated me.  From reading about its great past as the capital city of the Hapsburg Empire and its fame as a centre for music and art.  Alas I have only been able to visit this wonderful city just the once.  That was in April 2006 when we had a short city- break there to celebrate my 60th birthday – which seems such a long time ago already!  Vienna was much as I had imagined it to be with impressive and beautiful public buildings and irresistible cafés with mounds of cream cakes.  It is a very formal city, at least the bits we saw and what it seemed to lack was an older medieval quarter with narrow streets and lanes.  Anyway what we did see we loved and apart from the last day when it rained we had lovely sunny weather. Here are a few of my snaps from this holiday.  We start with some façades.  The first seems to be an ordinary building and looked disused at the time.  Then comes the beautiful Liechtenstein palace and a view from the Belvedere gardens to the buildings outside.  The next sequences starts with a view of the Upper Belvedere palace and is followed by a couple of shots from inside the Austrian Gallery.  You couldn’t normally take photos inside galleries, but I sneaked in a few here.


Vienna is a very public city, full of monuments and sculptures and here are a few that caught our eye, including the obligatory statue of Mozart.


Vienna is not just the home to a great classical and neo-classical past.  Some of the key developments in modern art and music also found a fertile home in the city.  Especially the Art Nouveau movement or Jugendstil as it is know in the German speaking world.  Here are three examples of this work as adornments to public buildings.

We managed to fit in quite a few of the more famous museums, but as mentioned before I was unable to take any photos.  One of the most delightful surprises of our stay in Vienna was to discover almost by chance the Imperial Furniture Museum.  An absolute gem with great displays of furniture from all periods of the Empire.  What is more you could photos to your heart’s content. Here are a few.

I end this brief reminiscence of Vienna with a couple of the more inconsequential things you can come across in cities.  A lovely window display of a lady’s shoe, an easter setting in one of sumptuous cafés and last but not least a mouth watering glimpse of some the sweeter delights of Vienna.



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