Stitched Bookmarks

I continued with my practical projects by stitching four bookmarks.  For this I use a 14ct Aida band which is the perfect width for a bookmark. It also has a lovely edge which adds a bit of class to the finished work.  The top and bottom can fray a bit, but some glue usually does the trick.   On this occasion I used traditional Palestinian designs, all as usual from Palestinian Embroidery Motifs by Margarita Skinner and Widad Kamel Kawar.  The designs are all stitched in cross stitch with two strands of DMC cotton.  Each bookmark is stitched in the same colour combination – blue, green, yellow and red, and each is about 20cm in length.  The designs are Palm Tree from Beersheba, Crown from Lydda, Moon of Bethlehem from (surprise) Bethlehem and finally Chick peas and Raisins which is common to all areas of Palestine.  Here they are in the same order.  To finish the bookmark off I glue a piece of ribbon to the back to provide a bit of consistency and to cover the reverse stitching.  Good stitching everyone.


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