Son Bou, Menorca

Last month we were in Menorca for a family holiday.  This was our second such holiday and a great time was had by all.  The lovely sunny weather helped, though at times it was a bit too hot for some of us – 30º and above.  Our base was in Son Bou on the south eastern coast.  Son Bou is pretty much just a tourist complex.  There did not seem to be any kind of old village centre or anything like that.  Not that our three grandsons were bothered in any way.  They were more than happy to spend the whole time by the pool.  Luckily we had three pools to choose from and one was literally just a stone’s throw from out apartments.  We all had two bedroom apartments so there was plenty of space for everyone.  Here is a view from the pool up to the apartment block, followed by one from the apartment down to the pool.

Apart from the pools the other great attraction of Son Bou is its fabulous sandy beach.  It stretches for about 4km and is the longest in Menorca.  Between the beach and the tourist complexes lies an area of sand dunes.  The beach and the dunes are all part of a protected area, so they remain in good natural condition.  Below is a photo of one of the dunes, followed by a shot of the beach just as the sun was disappearing.  Then comes a shot of rather pink looking moon.

Though Son Bou is now a tourist complex, there have been settlements here for centuries past.  There is even the ruins of one such settlement.  This is a late 4th/early 5th century basilica.  Only the barest outline of the layout of the church is left as can be seen from the photo below.


Surrounding Son Bou on the inland side is rocky hillside, which is full of caves.  These must have been homes in the past and at least one is still occupied today.  At the end of the sandy beach the coast becomes very rocky and jagged.  Liam and Alessio had a great time playing here.

Menorca is the most northerly and easterly of the Balearic islands and from our apartment you could just make out the mountains of northern Mallorca to the south.  I end  with this photo looking across the Mediterranean to the mountains of Mallorca.  Hope you all had an equally lovely holiday.




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