Back to Stitching

After a short holiday in Menorca I am once again back stitching.  This time I have decided to make something practical.  I recently bought this glass candle holder.

The intention is to wrap a piece of stitched fabric around the glass to make what I hope will be a more attractive, but still useful object.  I have chosen an 18ct Aida fabric in light green as the base.  Onto this I will stitch a Bargello pattern – Jacobean Spires.  This comes from The Bargello Book by Frances Salter.   Normally Bargello designs cover the whole canvass, but in this case I feel that would be too overpowering, so I will only use part of the pattern.  I am using two strands of DMC cotton threads and have restricted myself to three shades of green to go with the fabric.  Here is what it looks like so far.Once stitched will come the really difficult part, at least for me.  How to get the fabric nicely finished so that it can be glued onto the glass.  This would probably be best done by machine sewing the edges, but as I do not possess such a machine and wouldn’t know how to work one anyway, I will need to think of something else.  Any ideas?


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