Needlepoint Pattern from Baluchistan

My latest Bargello type project was based on a pattern from Nushki in Baluchistan.  There it was used on a bag or large purse.  I came across the pattern in a beautifully illustrated book called The Colours of the Indus – Costume and Textiles of Pakistan – by Nasreen Askari and Rosemary Grill.  The book belongs to my good friend, Sarah, who kindly leant it to me.  For this particular project I wanted to try out a 16ct Aida fabric.  I have recently ordered some as I hoped it would be more suitable for one strand of Paterna wool thread than the 14ct canvas I have used up to now.  The 16ct worked well in as much as there is virtually no fabric to be seen.  On the other hand it is much more pliable than canvas fabric and so not quite so good for wool threads.  I will definitely persevere with the 16ct though.

This project was thus in a way a bit of a try out.  Though it was measured to fit into a second hand mount and frame I picked up somewhere.  I have quite a few of these second hand frames, which I am gradually trying to fill.  The colours are similar to the original in that it is brightly coloured.  Basically I just used whatever was at hand in my wool thread box.  I am now taking a short vacation from stitching as we are about to go on a family holiday to Menorca, where hopefully lots of warm sunshine awaits us.  Good stitching everyone!


4 thoughts on “Needlepoint Pattern from Baluchistan

  1. This works really well. I think your idea of having the frames first is a good one and a perfect excuse to spend a few hours trawling around the local antique/junk shops. Have a lovely holiday in the sun! We’re soon off to Scotland – camping…

    • It looks like you have chosen a good time to come to Scotland. It seems that we are to have some summer sunshine after all. Here’s to a good and relaxing holiday.

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