Latest Bargello Project

Yesterday I completed my latest Bargello project.  It was good fun trying out a new approach and some new threads.  Usually I work with cotton or wool thread, but this time only the outer border was in cotton.  The main bargello section was stitched with Rajmahal Art Silk threads.  The first time I have stitched such a large area with these threads.  Not easy and not something I would want to repeat soon.  I love the colours of these threads, but they are just too finicky to work with.  I find it almost impossible to get the finished line to sit down properly, and there always seems to be a loose end somewhere.  The central section was stitched in DMC metallic threads – I used gold and silver for the inner borders and red and blue for the triangles and squares inside.  Overall I am quite pleased with the outcome.  Though the coming together of the various Bargello patterns is not as smooth or pleasing as I had hoped.  Will try something like this again though.  The piece was designed to fit into a second hand photo frame I picked up somewhere.  I am hoping to stitch something simple next as I am soon to go away on a family holiday.


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