Summer Burst

I have now finished my latest Needlepoint project, which I have titled Summer Burst, as the bright colours remind me of summer.  Particularly the Tequila Sunrise from Caron Watercolours in the centre.  Not that there is much of a summer up here so far.  It was quite a challenge having to work out what patterns would fit into the spaces left as the overall composition progressed.  As the central section is a diamond, I started by squaring this off.  As I tend to favour symmetry, I decided to make the remaining halves pretty much the same.  I filled this mainly with triangles and squares in various sizes.  I’m quite pleased with the outcome, though I feel the border is too large for the rest of the piece.  I hope to do another design in this way, and next time will make the border much less intrusive.  Here is the final work in all its glory.


2 thoughts on “Summer Burst

  1. Fantastic work, I’m really impressed with how this has developed. Gorgeous use of colour and pattern. And you have it framed too – how organised! I must take a leaf from your book there.

    So, are you feeling liberated? I really hope to see more of your unique designs.

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