Needlepoint Design – Making it up as I stitch along

I have recently started stitching my latest project.  And for the first time ever I do not have a pattern to follow.  Usually I follow an existing design from a book or from the web or I adapt an existing design.  Sometimes I make up a new composition using patterns found elsewhere.  But in all cases I know what the finished piece will look like.  This one is different.  I have a specific shape to fill – one that will fit into a mount I bought.  I have a rough idea of what I want, something similar to some designs that I have seen on the web, but I wanted to make up my own composition.  The only thing I had in mind was the central section, but nothing else.  So I decided to just start stitching.  Here is what it looks like so far.

The central section is a diamond made up of a variation of the Jacquard stitch.  For this I used a Caron Watercolours thread.  I recently bought a few of them and have been itching to try them out.  Three strands of wool, they are lovely to use and to look at.  This one is Tequila Sunrise and I used one strand.  It just about fits into the 18ct Aida fabric and gives a slightly raised feel to the diamond.  The other thread for this segment is a Rajmahal Silk in bright Vermillion, and I used three strands.  The rest of the composition will be stitched in DMC cotton threads, using two strands.  The colours were chosen to match the main colours in Tequila Sunrise, with an inclusion of blues to provide some contrast.  So far I have almost completed the outside border.  This is a mixture of cushion stitch and cashmere stitch.  There is a gap in the middle of all four sides.  Still to decide what to put in there.  As with the rest of the composition.  Though I now have some ideas for extending the four sides of the diamond.  Everything else is up for grabs.  It is quite exciting in a needlepoint kind of way, which means it is not really very exciting at all.  Still, it is a bit of a challenge, but so far I like the idea of making up the design as I stitch along.  Stay posted to see the completed project.


One thought on “Needlepoint Design – Making it up as I stitch along

  1. Well I’m certainly excited! Go for it – I really look forward to seeing where it takes you. Beware though, after I started going off-plan, I could never go back to doing other people’s designs – the buzz from creating your own is very infectious.

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