Window Shopping in Holland

When on holiday one of our favourite pleasures is to explore the shops, especially the local ones.  There are some interesting and beautiful window decorations to be found.  Holland was no exception.  Not that we had time to enter any of these shops or boutiques, but it is often enough to just take the time to stop and admire someone’s work of art.  Most of the windows are from Amsterdam and I start with two displays of food, including the ubiquitous cup-cake.  Then comes a couple of displays of interior decoration, one a modern shop and the other of antiques.  The last two show men’s dress wear.



Next are six shots of displays of women’s fashion.  There always seems to more shops selling women’s clothes and there seems to more scope for artistic variety.  All from Amsterdam.



We did not have much time for window shopping in Den Haag, but we did manage to glimpse some lovely boutiques.  Here are three of them, the first two showing women’s fashion again and the third more interior decoration.


I end with six photos from Utrecht.  This was a most surprising town.  I have already posted about the views from the canal here.  Utrecht does not just boast a lovely canal, but has a wonderful old quarter and an amazing collection of boutiques.  It was raining that afternoon, so we had no time to loiter with intent, but I did get some photos to remind me of this charming town.  We start once again with two displays of women’s fashion, followed by one which shows how an elegant Dutch couple dress.  The final group shows some kitchen ware, an unusual display of items in a shop suitably called Chimera.  The last of all is one I could not resist.  It is not a window display, just the name of the shop – Scotch & Soda, which sells Amsterdam couture.   Happy holidays!




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