Bargello Design from India

In fairly short time I have completed another Bargello project.  I don’t have a title for this one yet, but the design comes from India.  Here is the finished piece.

I came across the original pattern in Embroidery from India and Pakistan by Sheila Paine, a collection of photos of textiles from the British Museum.  This particular one is part of a nut holder from the Banjara community in the Deccan region of India.  The original was in bright reds and yellows with black.  I kept the black but used a different colour scheme to use up some of my stash of threads.  The piece is stitched on a 14ct white canvass with wool threads.  The black is three strands of Appleton wool.  The other colours are all two strands of Paterna wool – a medium dark lavender, a medium Christmas green and a very light Loden green.  It was stitched to fit into the oval mount I had picked up cheaply somewhere.  The frame is also second hand.  I was not too sure about the colour scheme, but now that it is finished I quite like it. I hope to try out some more of the patterns from this book, perhaps in the original brighter colours.


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