Biscornu No 141

As a little interlude from larger stitching projects I like to relax by stitching a biscornu.  Louison has a seemingly unending supply of patterns for these delightful little objects.  This one was No 141 and was stitched on a light grey 18 ct Aida fabric.  The originals are stitched with cross stitches, but I prefer to use a simple diagonal or half cross stitch.  Two strands of DMC cotton were used.  This time around I use five colours – three shades of lavender and two of violet.  I have still to find a suitable pair of buttons to finish the biscornu off, when it will be a little gift for someone to use as a pincushion.  Here are the two sides of the biscornu.

I have now started work on my latest project which is a slight variation on a design I came across on a book about textiles from India and Pakistan.  I cannot remember the book now – I borrowed it from the library.  Anyway there were some lovely patterns in the book, some of which I scanned onto the computer.  This was months ago and I have only now got round to using them for stitching.  The original used bright reds and orange colours with black.  I am using up my stash of Persian wool and my piece will use purple and greens along with black.  I have just started and so far I have completed the centre design and most of the outline in black.  The finished piece is to fit into an oval mount I picked up somewhere.  Here is what it looks like at the moment.  And happy stitching!


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