Postcards from Palma de Mallorca

We have visited Palma de Mallorca three times on holiday.  The first time was way back in the 1990s, before I had a digital camera.  Thus I have no photos from this trip in my digital collection.  The latter visits happily did coincide with the digital age.  In 2004 the whole holiday was spent in Palma.  Later on in 2009 we spent one day in the city while on holiday in Port de Pollença.  The photos below are a mixture from both visits.  Palma is a very beautiful old city with a fabulous situation on the southern coast of the island.  It is a relatively compact city which means it is easy to wander about the old streets and linger and admire the lovely buildings.  With the odd stop for a coffee or a copa to revive the spirits.  The first two photos show views of the harbour area followed by a lively street scene.


One of the delights of Palma is the beautifully maintained inner patios.  Some you can glimpse when passing by and occasionally some are open to the public  Here are three to savour.


Palma has a fine collection of museums and private houses which are open to the public.  One of the delights from these buildings, in addition to the main displays, is to admire the unusual collections of items to be found hanging from the walls.  Here are three.


The city is full of colour much of it from the stunning gardens and floral displays.  Below are three contrasting examples, first a bush on the roof of a museum, then a gorgeous water garden in the Moorish style and lastly one of the carpets of flowers which adorn the main streets for Corpus Christi.


Palma is a wonderful city for public displays of art.  There are many museums and galleries well worth visiting and modern sculpture is on view everywhere.  Here are some examples.  The first three all come from the Fundació Barolomé March.  These are followed by two giant sculptures from the Es Balauard Contemporary Art Museum and finally a living sculpture performing on the street.



I end this view of Palma with some of the wonderful buildings to be found in the city.  First is the Palau de L’Almudaina, the old royal palace which dates back to Arab times, followed by the Cathedral and to end one of the many Modernista buildings which adorn the city.



One thought on “Postcards from Palma de Mallorca

  1. Spent a lovely week out in Palma with my other half, back in the 90’s and this brought back wonderful memories – I loved the Palace, with those cool rooms and the water feature that spurts jets up as you walk over it, near the Cathedral. Lucky you.

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