Three Palestinian Designs – No 1

For my latest project I have returned to traditional Palestinian designs.  An earlier project involved stitching four traditional designs, which you can see here.  This time I have limited myself to three designs.  The choice of three is for no other reason than I recently bought a three panel frame from IKEA.  The apertures are 120mmx170mm so each panel is much larger than my previous piece.  As before the designs all come that wonderful collection of Palestinian patterns – Palestinian Embroidery Motifs by Margarita Skinner and Widad Kamel Kawar.

The first panel is now complete and here it is below.

The central pattern is made up of Slices and Stars, a pattern from Jaffa.  It is completed with Feathers at the top and bottom.  The bits stitched in lemon do not seem to have a particular name and is probably just some kind of filler.  If anyone knows anything about Palestinian designs please enlighten me.   As before I intend to stitch all the panels using the same palette of colours.  In this case the colours are Very Dark Rose, Very Dark Emerald Green, Dark Blue Violet and Lemon.  All threads are DMC cotton.  Traditional Palestinian embroidery uses the cross stitch.  I am not a great fan of cross stitch, but use it for Palestinian designs to give them an authentic look.  The outside border pattern represents a snail and is from Nablus.  This was stitched with two threads from Les Fils du Rhin – Zéphir and Alizées.  Unfortunately I did not think too far ahead in planning these threads and there is not enough of them left to surround the other two panels.  The fabric for this project is a black 18ct Aida and the stitches are all done with two strands of thread.  I start the second panel tomorrow.


One thought on “Three Palestinian Designs – No 1

  1. Its beautiful. Good luck with the second panel and the others to come. I just wanted to share a book that might be of interest, its called “Palestinian Embroidery Motifs: A Treasury of Stitches” by Margarita Skinner, you can find it on the publisher’s site
    hope its helpful.

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