Wemyss Ware

Over the past few years we have built up a small collection of Wemyss Ware pottery.  Our speciality is cats.  We have long admired the beautiful items produced by Griselda Hill and her team at their pottery in Ceres.  We knew Griselda at the time she started her company, but it was not until the birth of our first grandson that we got round to buying something.  We wanted to do something slightly different so we decided to buy two of their lovely collection of cats.  One would go to Liam and his parents, while the other would stay on display with us as a constant reminder of our grandson.  For this event we chose this one with what looks like a redcurrant design.

When Jamie came along we decided to continue with this way of commemorating his birth, but to avoid a clash or quarrel over cats, we went for a small loving cup and chose this one with a cornflower pattern.  The loving cup has three evenly spaced handles and the photo shows part of the delicately painted design.

For our third grandson, Alessio we went back to cats, and chose this one with a delicate design, known as Gilt with Blue Bow.

Since then we have added some more cats to our collection.  For one of Kathleen’s birthdays I bought a Gallé cat.  This is a yellow cat which apparently is so similar to the cats made by French designer Emile Gallé way back in the 1870s that this cat is now simply known as the Gallé cat.  Kathleen liked it so much that she went out and bought another one to keep it company.  Here are the two of them together.

Our final (so far) acquisition is another Gallé cat this time in blue.  This was part of a special production so the colour is different from the main range of Blue Gallé cats.  Here she is in all her glory.

Wemyss Ware is a particular type of pottery which originated in Kirkcaldy in 1882 by the Fife Pottery.  The company moved from Kirkcaldy in 1932 to relocate in England and eventually stopped production in 1957.  The art did not die out however and the last of the artists passed on her secrets to Griselda Hill when she opened her pottery in the 1980s.  Ceres is a lovely little village in the heart of North East Fife and well worth a visit.  The pottery is open to the public and it is always a pleasure to wander around admiring the collection.  Difficult to resist the temptation to buy something.  You can find out more about the current production of Wemyss Ware here.  I end this post with a photo of the outside of the Griselda Hill Pottery in Ceres.


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