Mangenturm Lindau – Latest Bargello Project

I have now completed my latest stitching project.  This is another Bargello design and is based on the wonderful steeple like roof of the Mangenturm in Lindau.  We visited Lindau in Bavaria last year and it is full of lovely old buildings.  But the roof of the Mangenturm really stood out and its geometrical pattern made it ideal for a stitching project.  The Mangenturm (cannot find any translation for what Mangen means here – anyone know?) was originally a medieval lighthouse by the harbour.  Below is a photo of the tower and one showing a detail of the tiles on the roof.


Anyway I used the colours and the pattern of the roof tiles as the basis for this little Bargello project.  I wanted to use Paterna Persian wool for this piece, but my usual supplier has run out of black.  So I had to substitute Appleton wool instead.  Just for the black, the other colours are in Persian wool.  Due to the need to use Appleton wool I had to adjust the number of strands I used.  It was pretty much impossible to get an exact match between the strands of the Appleton and the Paterna threads.  I ended up using one strand of Paterna and three strands from a 4 ply Appleton.  A bit messy getting one of the Appleton strands to separate, but I persevered.  The fabric is a 14ct white interlock canvass.  This is the first time I have used this size of canvass and I enjoyed working with this size.  Here is the completed piece.  I now need to get out on the beach and augment my collection of driftwood as I intend to hang this piece from bits of driftwood.


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