Postcards from Lindau

Last May during our visit to Emma, we enjoyed a day trip to Lindau on the Bodensee.  It is one of the great advantages of Zürich that you can easily take a day trip to three different countries – four if you include Liechtenstein.  We had a gloriously warm and sunny day for our trip.  Lindau is on the tiny strip of the Bodensee which belongs to Bavaria.  The rest of the northern shore of the lake is part of Baden-Württemberg.  Lindau is a very old town and the historic part is actually a tiny island now connected to the mainland by a road and railway bridge.  It is now mainly, if not exclusively a tourist attraction and a lovely one at that.  The first three photos below give a feel of how lively the place was when we visited.


The next three photos give an idea of how narrow some of the streets are, followed by some of the more spectacular edifices which dot the old town.



As a tourist attraction Lindau has its fair share of restaurants, bars, shops and trendy boutiques.  Some have the traditional signpost hanging above the entrance and jutting out into the street.  Usually it is quite clear what is being advertised, though I cannot remember nor work out just what the third one was offering.  These are followed by some of the goodies on offer.



Lindau also has an artistic feel to it.  While we were there all kinds of street artists were performing.  Below is one of them, followed by a couple of more permanent artistic ventures.


Befitting a town by the sea or lake, I end with some photos showing the beautiful waterfront.  The first is the magnificent harbour entrance, then a view out to the lake and finally a Zeppelin which flew over the town.  Friedrichshafen, home to the Zeppelins lies a few kilometres to the north of Lindau.



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